Nell is available for half-day, whole day or longer workshop projects.

All Nell's workshops are structured to instil confidence and encourage self- expression through performance games, group improvisation and role-play.

The workshops aim to develop the imagination, initiative and individual thinking of the children. They are lively, sometimes loud, practical and, always, fun.

Story Work

Nell is available for half-day, whole day or regular storytelling workshop sessions for children.

The Storytelling Workshop Day can include:

  • Storytelling sessions by Nell followed by re-tellings by students encouraging improvisation
  • Performance exercises encouraging dynamic voices, alert bodies, story structure and performance
  • Group re-telling of a known story, focussing on team-telling, story-mood and character
  • Storytelling Cascade: short stories, made-up or traditional, told by children to children throughout the entire school. A whole day storytelling extravaganza!


These lively, physical workshops are a beginner's guide to performing in masks - suitable for all ages 6 - 60!

Through games and simple physical theatre exercises, we explore the basics of good performance - focus, stillness, physicality and co-operation between performers. During the workshop we build up a physical language of emotions - so that our bodies express as much as our faces!

The masks are great fun to work in and to watch. They are light and easy to wear. They free the performer to become any age, any gender, and any character that they wish to create!

Thanks so much for your mask workshop - it was great! I thought that you pitched the level really well and your organisation of the whole thing was inspiring...

Drama Teacher, Children's Theatre Workshop

We want a story that starts with earthquakes and works its way up to a climax.

Samuel Goldwyn

People who don't have stories in their culture go nuts.

Rafe Martin